Who We Are

Mission Statement

The UMFHA’s mission is to strengthen the positioning and consumer perception of Mānuka honey products represented by the UMF quality trademark, it does this through the application of standards, proactive promotion of product attributes and benefits, and protecting the integrity inherent in the trademark both domestically and in international markets.

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About the UMF Honey Association

The UMF Honey Association oversees all use of the UMF quality trademark and supports licensees and consumers through a comprehensive science and research programme and other activities including:

  • We provide the option to approve all labels, to ensure compliance with brand guidelines and license agreements.
  • We have an independent commissioner who protects the interests of the brand and adjudicates any disputes. He acts as the guardian of the UMF brand.
  • We appoint independent companies to regularly check samples from the marketplace. This helps protect consumers from counterfeit products.
  • We have a programme of standardised testing in place across all the territories where licensee products are sold.

Meet the dedicated teams behind the day-to-day operations at the UMFHA