Tests Show Again that Only 100% New Zealand Mānuka Honey is Authentic.

February 7, 2023

Manuka Honey and the Manuka Fower in differential focus. The focus is on the Manuka Flower.

Independent testing reveals that honey producers outside New Zealand are supplying non-authentic mānuka honey.

With the continuous growth in demand for New Zealand mānuka honey around the world has come a surge of honey producers outside New Zealand mistakenly claiming they are producing the same honey to take advantage of the growing popularity of this category.

Known as the liquid gold of the honey world, New Zealand mānuka honey is a highly sought-after superfood with remarkable health properties that set it apart from other honeys so, it is no surprise it has become a target for imitation and misrepresentation.

Why does it matter where your mānuka honey comes from? There is a body of research developed over 40 years across more than 500 papers that has built a clear picture of the health properties delivered by New Zealand mānuka honey, the New Zealand mānuka tree and shown not to be replicable in honeys from other countries.

Download the whitepaper here for more info UMFHA-White-Paper-