How to Build the Gold Standard for Honey

November 15, 2022

Bill and Margaret Bennett have been at the forefront of standards development for New Zealand’s Mānuka Honey industry since the early 90’s. They pioneered the drive to establish quality standards and indicators of strength which are now known as UMF™.  Their business, Summerglow holds  license number 1001, the first ever issued by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA).

Working with world renowned mānuka honey research pioneer Peter Molan (link to Peters Research papers) the Bennett’s supported the drive to understand the science behind the medicinal value of mānuka honey that Bill’s uncle had been letting him about for years.

Bill and Margaret have been producing honey since 1976.  With son in law James Jeffery now at the helm their commitment to health, quality, transparency and innovation has a bright future.

Find out more about these founders of the modern mānuka industry in this enlightening Radio New Zealand (link to article on RNZ) feature on their vision and journey.

Listen here: