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High-throughput microbial bioassays to screen potential NewZealand functional food ingredients intended to manage the growth of probiotic and pathogenic gut bacteria

Douglas I. Rosendale, Ian S. Maddox, Michelle C. Miles, Maroussia Rodier, Margot Skinner & Juliet Sutherland • 9月 23, 2008

A spectrophotometric bioassay was used to screen select…

Antibacterial activity of varying UMF-graded mānuka honeys

10月 25, 2019

Honey has been used as a traditional remedy for skin an…

Identification of some antibacterial constituents of New Zealand mānuka honey.

1月 1, 1990

Russell, K. M., Molan, P.C., Wilkins, A. L., Holland, P…