Prolife Foods Ltd.


Our promise is delicious Mānuka honey direct from the beekeeper.
Richard and Moira Haddrell started out in 1993 with just fifteen beehives and a great passion for honey. Their vision was to produce premium, natural bee products using environmentally sustainable methods.

Richard and Moira’s absolute dedication to deliver guaranteed Mānuka honey led to success on two different levels. Firstly, they were instrumental in the forming the official testing system for Mānuka honey in New Zealand. Secondly, today Haddrell’s is a thriving beekeeping and honey packing business with thousands of hives and millions of bees collecting the precious nectar from our native Mānuka trees.
Together hard-working bees and Mānuka trees give us this unique honey. Taking good care of both is important today and for the future. To help restore New Zealand’s native forests, we have planted millions of Mānuka trees in one area, creating the largest, single Mānuka plantation in NZ.
Our team’s knowledge and expertise at every stage of the process shows in the pure quality of our Mānuka honey. Our beekeepers simply love the bees and care for them in all seasons. Located in remote environments away from any pollution or agricultural sprays, the sites are never overcrowded with hives. The team also harvests our honey, extracts it from the frames and packs it with care. That’s full vertical integration.
Our honey facility is state-of-the-art honey with independent accreditations: SQF Food Safety Programme and RMP (Risk Management Programme).
We chose the UMF™ Honey Association’s grading system for our Mānuka honey, because we understand the intricacies of honey and we firmly believe it is the best guarantee for delivering genuine Mānuka honey to our consumers.
• 100% Natural
• UMF™ certified
• Halal
• Kosher
• Non-GM
• BPA-free pots