Manuka honey-impregnated dressings in the treatment of neurophatic diabetic foot ulcers.

März 25, 2014

In this study, we investigate the effect of manuka honey-impregnated dressings (MHID) on the healing of neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers (NDFU). A total of 63 Caucasians, type 2 diabetic patients followed up in the diabetic foot outpatient clinic comprised the study population. Patients were randomised in two groups as follows: group I patients were treated with MHID and group II patients were treated with conventional dressings (CD). The patients were followed up on a weekly basis for 16 weeks. Mean healing time was 31 ± 4 days in group I versus 43 ± 3 days in group II (P < 0·05). In group I patients 78·13% of ulcers became sterile during the first week versus 35·5% in group II patients; the corresponding percentages for weeks 2, 4 and 6 were 15·62% versus 38·7%, 6·25% versus 12·9% and 0% versus 12·9% respectively. The percent of ulcers healed did not differ significantly between groups (97% for MHID and 90% for CD). MHID represent an effective treatment for NDFU leading to a significant reduction in the time of healing and rapid disinfection of ulcers.

Kamaratos, A. V., et al (2014)