New Look, More Information

Dezember 7, 2021

Image of the Updated UMFHA Website Welcome to the new home of quality certification for New Zealand mānuka honey. For nearly 25 years the

Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) has been working with beekeepers, processors and exporters to measure and maintain of New Zealand’s precious mānuka honey. Together we have built a system that identifies the most important factors to validate mānuka honey quality and tests for them to help manuka lovers around the world identify quality they can trust.

The new website provides easier access and clearer messages about the quality and benefits of mānuka honey. Purchasers wanting to understand what to look for when shopping for New Zealand mānuka honey, who want to find out more about brands using the UMF™ quality mark or how to find mānuka honey in one of the 40+ countries where it continues to grow in popularity, can find out more than ever in the updated site.

For anyone interested in natural products to support their health and wellness, we recognised the importance of showing how our members maintain the authenticity, purity, potency and shelf life of a product produced deep in the windswept southern hemisphere.  It is for this reason we have expanded this site for those who want to know more about what makes New Zealand mānuka honey unique.

Please contact enquiries@umf.org.nz for further information