Taylor Pass Honey Co

Sweet Nature

Taylor Pass lies at the heart of one of the most untouched and breathtaking places on earth. This rugged, remote terrain surrounded by ocean that no insect can fly across is the place we’re proud to call home: the South Island of New Zealand.

It is here that you will find our hives – nestled amongst mountains and valleys where bees work the unique flora to produce honey with the signature flavours and properties of this land.
No two hives are the same. They are delicate, individual eco-systems. To ensure they thrive, our hives require the care, passion and artistry of our beekeepers.
Technology is another crucial part of looking after our hives and bees. New Zealand honey bees are in decline and we have to work hard to keep our hives healthy. We monitor each hive to ensure it is flourishing, and our investment in world-leading geneticists ensures our bees not only survive, but thrive.
Honey is the fruition of our work. Its integrity is key, so our processes are based on absolute respect for the product.
With our intimate knowledge of our hives, we can tell exactly where each jar comes from – right down to the site where it was harvested.
The way we see it, it’s all connected: this unique land, the bees and us. We have a responsibility to look after it all and hand a better world on to the next generation.