Melora Limited


Melora Mānuka Honey is 100% natural and authentic with full traceability back to the honey hive.  Sourced sustainably and ethically from remote regions throughout New Zealand where the Mānuka trees naturally grow and thrive our Manuka honey is harvested under the guardianship of our Māori landowner partners through fair share agreements. 

Our Mānuka honey is independently tested for purity and quality therefore qualified to carry the UMF™ quality trademark. We assure quality and purity, all our products are processed under strict guidelines and procedures, using the best equipment and systems available. We also ensure there is human input at every point of our processing operation, checking for quality and consistency every step of the way. Our in-house laboratory and scientists periodically batch test our products to ensure we are meeting the quality standards we promote through our labelling.

Our Melora Values

– Trusted origin from the original New Zealand Mānuka Super Plant.

– Sustainably harvested at origin and fully traceable back to New Zealand.

– Independently certified for authenticity.

– Assures purity and quality.

– Proven plant origin and potency.

– Fair share partnership agreements with landowners

Melora Limited