1839 Limited

1839 Mānuka Honey

The truth is we have always been a little bit crazy about honey.
You could actually say we’re three times more passionate about it than the average Joe.

So when we discovered that in 1839 a pioneer woman named Mary Bumby arrived on kiwi shores not with the usual dainty accoutrements of the English immigrant but instead with two beehives, we knew we’d found our hero – and the inspiration for our new Mānuka honey brand.
We will forever honour Mary’s pioneering spirit and instinct for innovation and adventure in all we do at 1839.
Our process of triple churning the honey before we let it leave home is a fine example of this. Others mix their honey for a day before they pack and dispatch. 1839? First, to coax out the natural flavours, we let the honey sit for months in hand marked barrels.
Then it’s three full days in the magical tub of honey love. Yes, that’s how long it takes to mix and fold and churn our exquisite raw ingredient, polishing the natural sugar crystals ever so gently into the silkiest creamiest gift from our New Zealand honey bees to you.