Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association

We’re an incorprated society based in Aotearoa New Zealand, home of the world’s purest, most potent mānuka honey. Our bees harvest this scarce taonga (treasure) from trees that go back to the Māori origin story of our South Pacific islands.

Trees that have provided unique health-giving properties for centuries. Loaded with health giving nutrients, something this precious has to be nurtured and protected. Which is why the UMF™ Honey Association exists.

As the founder of mānuka honey science, rather than harvest or sell, we’ve been supporting producers for 25 years. Our members export approximately 70% of the mānuka honey processed, packed and sealed in New Zealand for export.

Who We Are

UMFHA founded the science of mānuka honey 25 years ago, after a group of enterprising honey producers met with New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (TRADENZ) seeking advice on how to identify opportunities for New Zealand’s unique mānuka honey.

Today we represent beekeepers, processors and marketers who seek to supply only the finest New Zealand mānuka honey to customers around the world. Our members account for approximately 70% of the mānuka processed and packed for retail, sealed for purity, and exported from New Zealand under our world leading food safety, biosecurity and production protocols.

Our role is to support members and the wider industry, along with distributors and retailers. We liaise with government and international regulatory bodies. And we provide quality assurance for everyone, right through to end consumers, who value this rare and precious taonga (treasure).

Our People

Board Members

Tony Wright


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Mike Sheeran

UMFHA Director

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James Jeffery

UMFHA Director

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Alex Turnbull

UMFHA Director

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Dr Jackie Evans

UMFHA Director

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Joanne Finer

UMFHA Director

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Management Team

Campbell Naish

Marketing Manager

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Silvija Sumich

Internal Compliance Manager - Quality Assurance

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Marketing Assistant

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Louise Stodart

Finance and Accounts

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Our Purpose

Creating value and trust through the independent certification of New Zealand’s mānuka honey.

UMF™ is the ONLY comprehensive, scientifically tested mānuka quality mark that exceeds government standards, certifying the best quality honey. It guarantees the extra mile has been taken to ensure what you buy is truly what it says it is.

Offering certification and assurance like no other

UMF™ Quality Mark

Every UMF™ certified mānuka batch undergoes our Four Factor Quality Assurance Testing (using independent laboratories) confirming authenticity, purity, quality and shelf life. MGO’s potency is just one measure, alongside the leptosperin marker that identifies true mānuka (we’re keepers of this IP). DHA identification ensures long shelf-life potency. HMF testing checks the product is not old and hasn’t been overheated, confirming the mānuka’s unique compounds remain intact. We’re also driving work that’s identified a further 2000+ factors for exploration.

Our Quality Assurance System

Recognised by international regulators and standards authorities, our unparalleled assurance system applies strict product standards and testing protocols. It confirms traceability – that what you’re buying was genuinely produced and sealed in ‘import free’ New Zealand. And it connects with a global laboratory network for in- market audits. Our licensed producers support and commit to all of this.

The Only Comprehensive, Independent System

No other honey undergoes such rigorous testing by a bee-keeper’s country mile. New Zealand mānuka for export is identified by government testing. Only the UMFHA then ensures certainty around purity, potency and shelf life. Making it the only option for anyone seeking the best choice to help support thier health and wellness.

Our Values

As a values based organisation we really care about what we’re here to achieve. Everything we do is guided by our four GAIT values.


Gold standard

UMFHA members strive to identify, certify and assure the best New Zealand mānuka honey. This high benchmark is applied to everything else we do as an organisation.



New Zealand’s precious mānuka honey is unique. Proof of its provenance and traceability is central to our processes and certification.



Maintaining the highest standards requires the product is tested by an independent network of laboratories and certified by an organisation not involved in selling mānuka honey.



We apply transparency in how we work, our processes and our communications to guarantee world class certification that can be trusted.

UMFHA History

There from the Start

UMF™ Honey Association members represent over 70% of all exported retail packs of mānuka honey products from New Zealand. Nearly 25 years ago we recognised the need for people to quickly and confidently identify genuine mānuka honey and the grades it comes in. That’s why New Zealand honey producers invested in a world-leading science programme which identified both the health benefits and then the unique signature compounds found in mānuka honey.

We then created UMF™ – a quality mark and rating – to clearly show a product has been tested by an independent laboratory to confirm it contains the signature compounds that underpin the benefits that New Zealand mānuka honey can deliver. Our quality mark can be found only on our members’ products.

The UMFHA now supports our members and their customers around the world to share the science behind the benefits of mānuka honey in more than 40 countries. We are committed to continuing the development of understanding of this complex exceptional natural product from New Zealand so more people around the world can make informed decisions on whether it should be part of their healthy diet.

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