Manuka Honey USA LLC

Manuka Honey USA

Manuka Honey USA LLC was founded by Elaine S. back in 1994. This is our 30th year, importing naturally medicinal manuka honey from New Zealand, that is pure, raw, natural, unpasteurized, un-adulterated, authentic manuka honey, UMF™ Lab Tested, Certified & Licensed.

Manuka Honey USA offers authentic Manuka Honey from New Zealand, both for the Retail & Wholesale market (must qualify for a Wholesale Account). It is an honor to serve our customers (both humans & animals), looking for a natural remedy that actually works. Manuka Honey is well known for its natural medicinal use for stomach issues, or as a natural honey wound dressing, for any opening in the skin, however, it’s HONEY, you can also eat it.

New Zealand Manuka Honey has been researched for about 35+ years, starting with the late Dr. Peter Molan, whom I personally visited in New Zealand in 2009. Dr. Peter Molan worked for the Honey Research Unit, at the Waikato University in New Zealand. Dr. Molan’s Manuka Honey Research of 25+ years is well known world-wide, I would personally consider him the pioneer in Manuka Honey Research.

If you are looking for a source in the United States, to purchase authentic manuka honey from a reputable and trustworthy company, who puts their customers first, then you have come to the right place…

Manuka Honey USA LLC