UK News – Welcome to the home of UMF Mānuka honey

Welcome to the Home of
UMF Mānuka Honey

Here in the pristine natural environment of New Zealand, you’ll find a unique product – Mānuka honey.
At the heart of the Mānuka honey story lies the nectar of the flower of the Mānuka bush. Native to New Zealand, it blooms once a year during summer.
The distinctive pink and white flowers attract bees collecting nectar for their hive.
The result – pure, natural Mānuka honey – full of nature’s goodness and collected directly from the hive right here in New Zealand.

How to Identify Genuine Mānuka Honey

UMF Honey Association members represent over 80% of all exported retail packs of Mānuka honey products from New Zealand.

We recognised the need for people to quickly and confidently identify genuine Mānuka honey. That’s why we invested in a world-leading science programme which identified the unique signature compounds found in Mānuka honey.

We also created UMF – a quality markto clearly show a product has been tested by an independent laboratory to confirm it contains these signature compounds. Our quality mark can be found only on our members’ products.

Only the UMF grading system measures the signature compounds that science has proven to be found in genuine Mānuka honey from New Zealand.


100% New Zealand Made

Scientific Excellence

UMF Science

As part of a world leading science programme, the UMF Honey Association and Fera Science
discovered a way to identify genuine Mānuka honey

Meet our key research partner…

Dr Adrian Charlton BSc, PhD, MRSC (Principal Scientist, FERA, York UK)

Dr Charlton is a biochemist currently leading the Biochemical and Chemical Profiling team within the Food Safety & Quality Programme of Fera Science Ltd – a joint venture between the UK Government and Capita. The team undertakes research in a range of sectors using advanced analytical approaches. Adrian and his colleagues are world leaders in food authentication, undertaking research and testing using molecular biology and analytical technologies such as NMR spectroscopy and high-resolution mass spectrometry. These are applied to provide a range of novel solutions to regulators and the food industry, assuring confidence in the safety and authenticity of the food chain.

 Career Highlights

  • Graduated from the University of Sheffield with a first degree in biochemistry and a food industry sponsored PhD
  • Published approximately 60 peer reviewed papers
  • Manages large-scale publicly and privately funded R&D projects
  • Keynote speaker at international conferences
  • Visiting lecturer at various UK universities
  • Advisory group member of:
    • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
    • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN-FAO) and the
    • World Health Organisation (WHO). 
    • University of York for maths and mass spectrometry
    •  European Commission on methods of analysis for honey safety and authenticity

UMF® – a Quality Mark

We’re New Zealand’s leading authority on Mānuka honey.
We created the UMF quality trademark so you can quickly and easily identify genuine Mānuka honey.

Our quality mark can be found on over 80% of all New Zealand Mānuka honey export products.

Superior Grading System

Our grading system is unrivalled.
It’s the only system that measures the key signature compounds found in Mānuka honey.
When you buy UMF Mānuka honey, you can be assured of purity and quality.
Always look for UMF – a quality trademark.